I feel like they’re ALWAYS on a world tour. But they’re happy, they like it.
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this is what dreams are made of

Z: “Don’t you feel… loved, at that moment?”

N: “Yeah… And violated…”

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Best thing ever them playing that Spice Girls song. Best thing ever.


I mounted Zac Efron.
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you mean you don't want to talk about how LA is the furthest possible place from nick harry could be?


Well, there’s Hawaii. Or Guam. Or Australia. 

But lets not talk about Harry in LA and why he moved this year, after more than a year of living out of Nick’s pocket every time he was back in London. Let’s not talk about how much their families love each other. Lets not talk about how Nick keeps all his exes as friends (from what I can see anyway). Let’s not talk about how Harry is still so young, young enough that the age difference matters; young enough that he’s not really had many serious relationships, or any at all. Let’s not talk about how their relationship fell apart, not because of anything between them, but because of the circumstances they’re in.

Let’s not talk about how much it hurts Nick to publicly hang around Harry as an older, out gay man, because all anyone talks about is how obviously he wants to bone Harry, like there was never any chance of them being friends without sex being involved. (even if it is.) Let’s not talk about how much it hurts Harry to see that, too. Let’s not talk about how it might be easier on Harry in so many ways if he dated someone who wasn’t out (ie Jeff, but I have no clue about his sexuality. frankly, i thought he was married already. I know nothing about the Azoff family at all) because he’s not out, and they can pass dates off as just being friends. Because no one in the papers mentions sex if the other person’s sexuality is, for all that anyone knows, straight. 

While we’re at it let’s just ignore how much they still love each other. We’ll not think about the cab ride after Sarah Cox’s lunch, with wide, dopey smiles at each other, like they just can’t keep it in when they’re together. Let’s not talk about the ever-evolving Brits story, where no matter who tells it they were in the toilets together for whatever reason. Let’s not talk about Nick casually dropping by Harry’s house to borrow clothes, and having a nice chat with Anne, having her style him for the show. We’re definitely not talking about “Cycyle” and “idiot” tweets or the fond little, “morning Harry!” from the show the day after the bike thing. 

More things not to talk about: Harry still spending time with Alexa and Pixie in LA this winter, because they’re his friends now, too. Or Nick’s favorite YSL jacket that Harry keeps stealing. 

Let’s just not even think about what could happen if Harry ever came out. A year or two in the future, when 1D is nearing an end or already over. When he’s followed around less, trying to get his own footing in the music industry, because this is what he wants to do with the rest of his life. Let’s not think about Harry moving back to London more permanently because he likes the music scene there more. And because it’s home. Let’s not think about him dropping by to pick up Nick after the show, the way he used to during nighttime. We’ll not think about how maybe this time they’re papped together less because there are newer and shinier people to aim cameras at, and how they’re both happy with that. 

And we’ll definitely not think about them maybe trying again. 

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Harry losing his shit over something Nick has said.

For puppypowerforever.

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