kittenstyles replied to your photoset “</3”

don’t put this in nick’s tag please… don’t want him to see it and be sad

I changed the tags. I didn’t know first if I was gonna tag it but since people were posting and tagging pics identifying the tattoo as Puppy, then I figured everyone was already talking about her in Nick’s tags anyway. But yeah, I changed it becuse of your input so thanks for speaking up <3


Request for anon :)

hi sally!! i know this is a long shot but would it be possible for you to clip up the bit from the show where they announced the cake for the one direction interview. and grimmy was saying something about how fame changes people or something and that harry texted him to ask if the cake was gluten free. and then harry tweeted that he was joking :)” 

Here you go!


Finchy dealing with drunk Nick & Harry during the Post-Brits show

  • Finchy: How about you play your big thing, and then we get said Zane session track in and everyone's happy.
  • Nick: *silence*
  • Finchy: Don't pull that face at me
  • Harry: Goo... go.. good pulling the face at him
  • Finchy: Go on Harry
  • Harry: *silence*
  • Finchy: do you like our big thing?
  • Harry: *silence*
  • Finchy: Have you heard it?
  • Harry: I think I have
  • Nick: *teasing tone* do you like my big thing?
  • Finchy: *ignores Nick's comment* It's Duke Dumont
  • Harry: ... it's wot?
  • Finchy: It's... just play the record please
  • Nick: ...This is my BIG thing *plays record*