Liam Payne sends the internet into meltdown and Harry Styles once tweeted something freakishly large at Matt Fincham. No one can remember what it was (except us link), but it did bring back memories of the time Harry and Nick took photos of themselves with wrist supports in their pants. Real thing that happened. Night time was wild. (28.07.2014)

'When we were doing our evening shows, [Harry] tweeted a picture to you, of a freakishly large something, what was it?'
'A mouse mat, wasn't it?'
'He put a mouse mat down his trousers'
'No…no, it was a wrist support!'

kittenstyles replied to your photoset “</3”

don’t put this in nick’s tag please… don’t want him to see it and be sad

I changed the tags. I didn’t know first if I was gonna tag it but since people were posting and tagging pics identifying the tattoo as Puppy, then I figured everyone was already talking about her in Nick’s tags anyway. But yeah, I changed it becuse of your input so thanks for speaking up <3